David Snell

My name is David Snell

A World Class CTO and TURNAROUND PROGRAMME DIRECTOR, with a 20-year track record of delivering successful solutions. I am a MBA educated Interim who delivers Corporate IT Strategy, Technical Road Maps and distressed programmes against challenging schedules; wherever the client needs me globally.
My area of specialisation is:
• financial (cost reduction)
• technical (systems/process consolidation)
• organisational (Programme/Project Management of time/cost challenged development or change).
A true cultural chameleon, I am happy to be parachuted into any organisation or country globally.

The world we knew pre-COVID has changed and is still evolving.

Major capital projects/programmes have been derailed, buckled or postponed, due to the crisis we have endured, as resources became constrained.  Organisations, restructuring to evolve to the new paradigm, need people who understand the implications we face today and move forward. These people need to be pragmatic, able to view new solutions from multiple perspectives.  In other words, they must have imagination and creativity to work outside the sandbox.

I have lectured on Organisational Resource Management, Leadership & Change and Management Information Systems to Post Grad Students.
Originally trained in Electronic Engineering, by the UK MOD, before moving into the civil sector and IT.

If you want a pragmatic, creative, forward thinking safe set of guiding hands or need robust leader for corrective action, I am the person you are looking for.