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Quality, Excellence and Service, where you want, at an affordable price.


The Global Management Services mission, is to provide my clients with a quality service, which is accurate, efficient and affordable.
My name is David Snell and I have been providing Interim Management since 2001.  I specifically act for you as a CIO/CTO, IT Director or as a Programme/Project Director.  Providing a niche service allows me, through Global Management Services, to be more reactive to my client needs and more affordable.

I believe that, "My word is my bond".  If a person breaks their word
to you , would you trust them?  Consequently I believe in old fashioned words such as "Loyalty, Etiquette, Honour and Duty".  If I undertake a assignment, I will remain in post until the assignment has been completed, unlike some contractors; who will move to the next client paying well.  To this end I am prepared to discuss financial handcuffs, for organisations who have previously been let down.

Where do I work?  I deploy where you need me geographically, hence the name.

If your organisation needs strategic operational guidance in IT, or has a Programme that encountered/is encountering significant challenges; call me. 

It does not cost you anything, just to call  and discuss your requirement/problem.  If I can help, I will tell you.  I Iook forward to working with you.

Contact Me:

Mobile:        +44(0)78100 63693

Telephone:  +44(0)844 330 3691


email: enquires@global-mgmt.com