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Mike Faull

Associate Director - Providing Interm Management resources into Private Equity backed operations

David has successfully worked through me on assignment. He demonstrates a high level of expertise and, importantly, is able to communicate that effectively in layman's terms. He has a healthy reputation for delivering his projects ahead of schedule.


Tony Lasker

CEO & Founder

Bringing David on board to produce in-depth operational process understanding and highlighting pinch points proved extremely valuable. David has the right people skills and is always professional and delivered each task and the closure of the project on time.

James Pugh

Senior Project Manager

I worked with David as Project Manager at a major London Account. He was brought in to troubleshoot the major project on the account that had gone off the rails. He delivered within 5 months what hadn't been delivered in 15 months, his single mindedness in focussing on what had to be done and cutting through the politics, unclear requirements and financial issues was very impressive, and showed his experience and flexibility to circumstances to the full. I wouldn't hesitate to work with David again, either as a collegue or manager as I found him refreshingly supportive, approachable and insightful in very difficult circumstances.

Guy Dewdney

Programme Director

David delivered a computer room-decommissioning project for me that was under constant scrutiny and had extremely tight timescales.
I found him to be cool, calm and professional at all times. He was not afraid to push people to get what he wanted and it paid off in the end.
I would certainly work with David again.

Adrian Thatcher

General Manager

I first met David in 1996 when he managed the Trading Systems support team at Sumitomo Bank, latterly reporting to me. In my experience, David proved to be a dependable & conscientious manager/Director who delivered projects effectively & efficiently within time and budget, taking due note of the cultural implications of the working environment. It would be a pleasure to work with him in the future if the opportunity arises.

Peter WhiteLaw

General Manager

David supported the trading desk for Reuters and Trading technology. Always on top of the issues and keen to support / resolve problems and issues as they arose. Much appreciated.

Mark Betmead

Assistant Vice President

I worked with David while he was Trading Systems Director at Sumitomo Bank and I worked at Sumitomo Bank's European Data Centre. I found David to be professionally focused and solutions orientated. His work was of the highest standard, and he was a pleasure to work with.

Ron Rosenhead

David helped me when I needed it most....he advised me on work in the Kenya region giving up his time.  Much appreciated and thanks.

Nigel Whittaker
David is a generous executive, he is also a rare resource for your network as he has a deep understanding of Eastern cultures. If you intend to do business anywhere from the Middle East, India to the Far East and China talk to David his advice could be crucial.